Packed with collagen.
Bursting with flavor.

At Bone Brewhouse, we’ve mastered the timeless tradition of slow-simmered, delicious bone broth. In fact, we believe in this restorative nutrient powerhouse so much, we developed a line of deliciously sippable instant bone broths that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re on the go, pressed for time, or between Zoom calls, you can simply add hot water, stir, and enjoy. Or add a packet to your favorite soup or rice recipe for added flavor and protein.

Available In Five (Functional) Foodie Flavors

Does Lemon Ginger make you blissful, or do you have a Thai Coconut crush? Do you like getting Naked, or do you love Beets galore? You’re sure to find a flavor that satisfies the foodie in you. We use only natural, real functional food ingredients that offer benefits. No MSG or yeast extract added, ever. And, we only use bones from ethically raised cage-free chicken.

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Collagen-Rich Protein.
Gut-Healthy Goodness.

A whole food source of collagen-rich protein, amino acids and minerals to support gut health and reduce inflammation. Also beneficial in relieving joint and tendon pain, improving sleep and quality of skin, nails and hair, and supporting weight management and staying hydrated.

Our flavored broths, enriched with MCT oil and chicory root, contain the good fats and prebiotic fiber to promote satiation and support high protein, low carb diets.

Mix & Match To Build Your Pack

Choose a single flavor or mix and match from our assortment of five instant bone broth flavors. Or, try our 5-flavor variety pack to discover your favorites. Each serving contains 10 to 15 grams of collagen-rich protein and comes in convenient portable packets that you can take with you anywhere.