How to Meet your Flavor Match

How to Meet your Flavor Match

New to Bone Broth?

If you’re excited to make bone broth a part of your healthy lifestyle but not sure which flavors will tickle your taste buds the most, fear not. Our 5-flavor sample pack is the perfect introduction to all the tasty options before you say “I do” to the one(s) you love most. It takes just a couple of easy, fun steps to find your perfect match, and slip into your bone broth groove.

Step 1: Try our Sample Pack. All 5 Flavors. Free Shipping! 

Sample all 5 of our deliciously nutritious chicken bone broth flavors for just $15. We want to make it affordable for everyone to try our variety pack, so you’ll also get free shipping.

Savor the zesty tang of Lemon Ginger, the exotic allure of Thai Coconut, the mellow richness of Ginger Beet, the umami goodness of Wild Mushroom, and the pure simplicity of Naked. Sip as a hot drink, add to a favourite recipe, try one in a smoothie - here are some creative recipe ideas to get you inspired. It’s the perfect way to meet your flavor soulmate. 


Step 2: Pick your Favourites - Mix & Match any Combo

Decided on your favorite matches? Congratulations - you can customize your orders exactly how you’d like and get started on your happy, new life together. 

The Flavors!

Naked: An immune-boosting, protein powerhouse, our Naked bone broth protein powder has just one ingredient – bone broth. 15g of protein/serving.

Lemon Ginger: Our blend of tangy lemon and energizing ginger is comforting and satisfying. 10g protein/serving.

Thai Coconut: A unique and delicious mix of exotic flavors, you’ll never get bored with our Thai Coconut Instant Chicken Bone Broth. 10g protein/serving.

Ginger Beet: A stimulating and energizing combination that brings together the earthy sweetness of beets with warm, invigorating ginger. 10g protein/serving.

Wild Mushroom: This antioxidant-rich blend features porcini, shitake, and bolete dried mushrooms. 10g protein/serving.


Our promise to you

  • All-natural, functional food ingredients 
  • 10g to 15g of protein per 16g serving
  • A natural whole-food source of collagen
  • No MSG, yeast extract, or anything artificial
  • Bones from ethically raised, cage-free chickens
  • Stringent safety and quality standards, produced in federally inspected facilities

Crafted to accommodate diverse diets including keto, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free. 

Mix and match flavors and save while you do it!

Free shipping on orders over $49 or 20 packets.
Save 20% on 50 packets or more.

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Mix & Match to Customize Your Order

Nutritious, clean, convenient, collagen-rich bone broth from Bone Brewhouse. Shop now and save with free shipping on orders over $49. Choose from the nourishing bone broth products below.