Frequently asked questions

Bone Broth 101

What is bone broth and what are the bone broth benefits?

Bone broth is typically a cooking stock that can be used in many dishes. Making bone broth involves simmering animal bones in water, often for an extended period. For our instant bone broth powders, the process is a little different, but the benefits are the same: gut health, immunity support, better skin and nails and reduced joint inflammation.

Why choose Bone Brewhouse Bone Broth?

Great Taste – Without question, our broths are chock full of nutrients. But we’re equally passionate about creating broths that taste great. And we’re thrilled that customers tell us our bone broth is the best tasting broth on the market.

Safety – We follow strict food safety guidelines producing our bone broth powder in a facility registered with and inspected by the USDA.

Great Value – it’s important to us that consumers can enjoy our broths on a regular basis. While many broths on the market are quite expensive, we price our broths fairly. We believe in the power of bone broth, and we want our broth to be affordable for as many people as possible.

Convenience – many Americans would like to make their own bone broths at home, but today’s busy lifestyles get in the way. Our instant bone broth is so simple to use that you don’t have to deal with the time commitment, cost, and mess of making it yourself.

Are all the benefits of sipping bone broth still available when using your instant bone broth? Are there differences between your instant bone broth and classic?

Our powder is basically a more concentrated version of a classic bone broth from a nutritional perspective - i.e., more protein (around 40-50% collagen) and all the micronutrients as well.

The only missing attribute is the gelling properties which are lost during the spray dry process. But the instant is just so easy to use daily as a great hot sipping beverage the gel is not missed.

In terms of expiry, it's bout 1 year from the production date.

What is the shelf life of your bone broths?

In terms of expiry, it's about 1 year from the production date.

How much sodium is in a pouch of your instant bone broth?

The sodium can range from approximately 160mg (7% of daily value) to 290mg (13% of daily value) per serving, depending on the flavor. Every pouch has a complete nutrition and ingredient declaration, and we offer the nutrition facts for each flavor on the instant bone broth page of our website.

Why do you add MCT oil?

We've added MCT oil to most of our instant bone broths to help boost energy, aid in weight loss, and promote heart health. It's also known to help support keto and paleo diets.

How can I get the most benefit from your bone broth?

Make our bone broth part of your daily routine to maximize goodness. Try sipping it instead of tea or coffee. Or use in soups, stews, and sauces in place of water or regular stock.
It can also be used to cook veggies and in place of water or stock with grains like rice or quinoa. You can even use it as a binder in chicken burgers or meatballs.

Are your bones “hormone-free”?

In the US, the practice of giving artificial or added hormones to poultry is prohibited by law. Our chicken, like every other chicken in the US, is not given any artificial or added hormones. The term “hormone-free” is a bit misleading because hormones do occur naturally in animals, birds, and plants.

Is this broth safe for people with food allergies?

You’ll be happy to know that our instant bone broth flavors contain no seafood (fish, crustaceans or shellfish), eggs, milk, mustard, peanuts, sesame, soy, sulphites, tree nuts or wheat. The only allergen in our instant bone broth is coconut.

How safe are the facilities where you produce your broth?

We are fully committed to ensuring the safety and quality of our products. That’s why we produce our bone broth powder in a USDA-approved facilities. The USDA has strict standards governing the safety and nutritional quality of food sold in the United States. It also verifies that the information that manufacturers provide to consumers is truthful – enabling Americans to make healthy and informed food choices.