High-Protein Meal Prep

High-Protein Meal Prep

Looking for a high-protein meal idea? Try this balanced combo that’s perfect for meal prep too!

How to:

In a pot, cook your grain of choice in hot water and add 1-3 packs of your favorite instant bone broth - Thai Coconut, Ginger Beet, Naked, Lemon Ginger, or Wild Mushroom. Add 1 packet per 1-2 cups of water.

Assemble your bowl with your grain base, greens, any other vegetables you enjoy or have on hand, one chicken breast, and dressing of your choice.

We suggest you make a big pot of grains with 1-3 packs of bone broth, so that you have a high protein ingredient on hand all week for easy meal assembly! Enjoy!

 Watch how-to video here

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