Random Acts of Kindness with Instant Bone Broth

Random Acts of Kindness with Instant Bone Broth

Welcome to February and Heart Month – a time when we’re encouraged to focus on our cardiovascular health and doing all things that support our big, beautiful hearts. We know we’re biased, but we think drinking bone broth for the essential amino acids it provides is a great way to help lower your risk factor for heart disease and stroke, among other extraordinary bone broth benefits.

Of course, February wouldn’t be February without Valentine’s Day, but here at Bone Brewhouse, we’d like to show some love for February 17 and the lesser-known Random Acts of Kindness Day...all month long!

Why not pay it forward by sending someone you love a 5-, 20- or 50-pack of health-promoting instant bone broth and receive 10% off. Pick your pack size, choose your flavors, and enter code KINDNESS10* at checkoutAnd while you’re at it, send yourself some love (and bone broth) too. SHOP NOW.

Trouble deciding which flavors to send your special someone?
Our top sellers are Lemon Ginger, Thai Coconut and Naked.

*Code valid until February 28, 2023. Includes free shipping. Not to be combined with any other offers.

Lemon Ginger -- This immunity boosting powerhouse blend is refreshing and satisfying while also delivering all the nutrient-rich benefits of bone broth. 10 g of protein per serving. 2 g of fibre. Zero sugar. 

Lemon Ginger Instant Bone Broth


Thai Coconut -- With this unique and delicious mix of savory Thai-inspired ingredients, you’ll conquer broth boredom while supporting good health. 10 g of protein per serving. 2 g of fibre. Zero sugar. 

Thai Coconut Instant Bone Broth

Naked -- Enjoy the daily benefits of this comforting, simply delicious, protein-rich, bare-bones bone broth… with nothing else added. Unseasoned, unflavored. Add seasoning to taste for sipping or add to recipes for a collagen-rich protein boost. 15 g of protein. Zero sugar or carbs. 

Naked Instant Bone Broth

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